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Full access to the Pulse+IT website is available for individuals starting from $39 using the following 'Subscribe now' button. After being supplied with your access details you will be able to read and comment on all articles on the website.

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Annual subscriptions for multiple people in the same organisation can be purchased at discounted rates using the following 'Subscribe now' button:

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The above 'Subscribe now' buttons support payment via credit card. If you would prefer to be invoiced, please contact us with the names and email addresses of the people you wish to purchase subscriptions for and we will provide you with an invoice containing our bank account details.


Q) I'm a member of AAPM, AIDH or HIMAA. Do I need to purchase a subscription?

Current financial members of the following associations are entitled to complimentary access to the Pulse+IT website:

  • Australian Association of Practice Management
  • Australasian Institute of Digital Health
  • Health Information Management Association of Australia

If you are a member of one of these associations and do not have your access details contained in an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you can trigger a password reset by entering your email address (the one registered with your membership organisation) into this page.

If you are still having trouble accessing the site, contact us and a representative from Pulse+IT will assist you.

Q) Can I purchase one subscription and share my username and password, or Pulse+IT articles with my friends or colleagues?

Pulse+IT website accounts are allocated on an individual basis and such behaviour is therefore in contravention of our terms of service. Simultaneous or irregular use of your website access credentials can be easily detected by our subscription technology and is likely to result in account suspension.

Q) I'm looking to purchase a bulk subscription to Pulse+IT. If a staff member leaves our organisation, can I substitute in someone else?

Yes, simply advise Pulse+IT which staff member has left the organisation and which staff member you would like to allocate as their replacement.

Q) Our organisation has many Pulse+IT readers. Can we access the Pulse+IT website using our organisation's IP address?

Yes, IP access is available. Contact us for pricing arrangements and other details.

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